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Giants and Melancon

On December 5th the Giants signed closer Mark Melancon to a 4yr/$62mill contract. I think this signing is very good for both sides. $15 is a lot to pay for a closer, but Melancon is a solid closer and that is definitely something he Giants have been lacking, so the ends justify the means in this case. Sergio Romo and Santiago Castilla had been fighting over the closer role at the end of the season, but neither of them were reliable enough to close for a contender like the Giants, and they're both now free agents. Melancon on the other hand has closed out games for contenders before, with the Nationals and the Pirates so he's used to being in a pennant race and closing out big games. Hopefully for the Giants they can have a reliable closer to pick up their bullpen and aid their strong rotation. If they can maybe they can compete better with the Cubs or the rival Dodgers in the National League.

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