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Andrew McCutchen Trade Ideas

So Andrew McCutchen, the 5-tool center fielder for the Pittsburg Pirates. Now McCutchen is a perennial all star, and former MVP award winner, but he's coming of arguably his worst season in the MLB. He struggles mightily this past season, so trade talks have began to come up, and these are a few deals I think make sense for McCutchen.

First off why I think McCutchen should be traded. He's coming off a year where he wasn't so great, so the Pirates, a team who's starting to enter a rebuilding phase need to cash in on McCutchen's value as soon as possible. He can be very valuable to a team looking for a star center fielder, and the Pirates don't want that value to go down not only if McCutchen's struggles continue, but also as he gets older. I think the best way for the Pirates to use McCutchen is to trade him.

Nationals: Now this is the one I believe is very likely to happen, and possibly by the end of the winter meetings. So the Nationals currently have Trea Turner, their star rookie in center field, but he's primarily a short stop. A trade for McCutchen would move Turner back to his Natural position, and would give Bryce Harper some protection in that Nationals lineup. I believe a top prospect like Lucas Giolito is a little much to give up for just McCutchen, but if the Pirates throw in another piece I could definitely see this happening.

Dodgers: So the Dodgers have many holes in their lineup, so I think them making a blockbuster deal for McCutchen is a little far fetched, but still possible. McCutchen could be very valuable and the Dodgers can definitely find the pieces to make a trade work. A trade for McCutchen could also open up the possibility for Joc Peterson moving to right field, filling another hole in the Dodgers' lineup. The Dodgers have a lot to worry about with all their losses to free agency, so McCutchen might help their problems.

These are some of the possible destinations for Andrew McCutchen. I think if he can produce again he can be very helpful for many teams, and these are the teams I think have the best chance of landing McCutchen, maybe even as soon the end of the winter meetings.

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