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Problems for Contending Teams

With the winter meetings going on, there are a few contending teams who have some holes to fix. Here are some teams with problems and how I think they should be fixed:

Dodgers (Infield)- The Dodgers lost a lot of big players to free agency this offseason, and the 2 biggest holes I see for the Dodgers are second and third base. The Dodgers lost Chase Utley and 2nd and Justin Turner at 3rd, so the Dodgers have their work cut out for them.

Solution- Dodgers trade for Brian Dozier and attempt to re-sign Justin Turner. If they can't sign Turner maybe trade for a player like Chase Headley from the Yankees. The Dodgers need to spend as little money as they can so they can fill other holes made from free agency so they must be careful on how they attack this issue.

Rangers (Outfield/ Rotation)- So the Rangers are coming off back to back AL West championships, but that streak is in jeopardy. With the Astros recent moves to pick up Brian McCann and Josh Reddick, the Rangers need to make some moves to compete with the Astros. The Rangers lack greatly in outfield depth, and in rotation depth. A lack of solid outfielders are the Rangers problem in that department, and a rotation that can be inconsistent is their problem there.

Solution- The Rangers need to re-sign Ian Desmond, and they also need to trade for a player Kole Calhone or Ender Inciarte. For their rotation I believe they need to go out and sign both Rich Hill, and Jason Hammel. Hill had made a resurgence pitching phenomenally last year with the A's and Dodgers, and although he had some struggles Hammel could be a good option for the back end of the Rangers rotation. If the Rangers choose the trade route then a Michael Pineda or a Collin McHough may be a good option if they can get them for the right price.

Blue Jays (Lineup)- In the offseason the Jays lost both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion which are huge hits for their lineup. If the Blue Jays don't address these problems they could go from a top team in run production and a contender, to a mediocre team who is trailing in a wild card race.

Solution- The Blue Jays need to get a big bat to play right field and I believe the perfect fit for power filled Jays lineup is Kris Davis. He's a guy with a lot of power and would be able to work off the power of Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki. The Blue Jays also need a DH, and they need to sign either Mike Napoli, or re-sign Edwin Encarnacion. The Blue Jays went out and signed utility Amman Steve Pearce which is a good start, but I think the Blue Jays need a little more to contend in the AL East.

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