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Problems with the Nationals

With the recent signing of Mark Melancon by the Giants the Washington Nationals are left with another problem. Last year as they were entering a pennant race they acquired closer Mark Melancon to aid their struggling bullpen. The Nationals then went on to win the NL East and get eliminated in game 5 of the NLDS against the Dodgers. After that game Melancon became a free agent and now that he's signed with the Giants that opens up a big hole in the Nationals bullpen. I don't think the Nationals should go out and spend big money on a Chapman or a Jansen, but they need a closer. If they could trade for AJ Ramos or even Fernando Rodney, that would aid the Nationals greatly.

The bullpen isn't the Nationals only problem however, they have many other big ones that need addressing at the winter meetings. The first one is catcher. Wilson Ramos had a career year last year for the Nationals but now that he's hit free agency the Nationals will have to try to outbid other teams for Ramos. The Nationals did go out and get Derick Norris which was a good move, but I wouldn't rely on the inconsistent Norris to catch for a team in a pennant race. The Nationals either need to re-sign Ramos, or trade for a guy like Miguel Montero or a Cather of that nature.

Another problem for the Nationals is Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper is one of the games bright stars, but is one not getting any younger and two approaching free agency. The Nationals either need to ship Harper and think for the future, or get protection for Harper in the line up, to attempt to win a World Series before he is free to sign any where. As of me writing this article Bryce Harper is the main focus of the Nationals line up, but for every Trout there has to be a Poujols to back him up. As of now Bryce Harper is less of a threat because you can pitch around him. If the Nationals want Harper to be able to play up to his potential they need to protect him in that line up.

The Nationals have a lot of problems entering the winter meetings, and hopefully some of them can be worked out before it's too late and Bryce Harper is a free agent and another team has rocked the NL East.

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