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Chris Sale and the Red Sox Future

Chris Sale was traded to the Boston Red Sox on December 6th for MLB Pipeline's number one prospect Yoan Moncada. By making this deal the Red Sox now have 3 pitchers that will be fighting for the number one spot in their rotation, and also they have put their future on Chris Sale's shoulders. Personally I dislike this deal greatly. The Red Sox needed to shoot lower if they wanted to get a starting pitcher, and even if they felt they needed to get Sale to win a world series, Moncada was not the guy to trade.

By making this move, the Red Sox's are saying that the Red Sox will win a world series before Sale becomes a free agent. They are also saying that to win a World Series after being swept in the division series and losing your all-star DH, a great starting pitcher will change that. Sale is a very good pitcher that should not be lost here, but Fenway is a hitters park, and if he has the same problems David Price did the Red Sox could be in trouble. If Sale doesn't pitch his best the Red Sox's could be in trouble.

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