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Eaton to the Nats

On December 7th the Chicago White Sox traded Adam Eaton to the Nations for 3 prospects. One of those prospects was MLB pipeline's number 3 overall prospect Lucas Giolito. The Nationals have made a horrible deal that is most likely going to hurt them a lot in the long run. Adam Eaton is a good player, but at the trade deadline Lucas Giolito was set up to be traded for Andrew Miller, and Miller is move valuable than Eaton. Eaton is very valuable, especially to a team like the Nationals, but the Nationals gave up too much in my mind.

The Chicago White Sox are the clear winner of the winter meetings however, adding MLB pipelines number 1 and number 3 overall prospects. They are starting to enter a rebuilding phase so almost everyone is on the table so they may not even be done yet.

This deal helps the White Sox immensely and it can aid the Nationals a lot too, but the Nationals gave up a lot to get Eaton.

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