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The Newest Indian

On December 22nd the Cleveland Indians fans got an early Christmas gift, a slugging designated hitter. The Indians signed Edwin Encarnacion to a 3 year $60 million contract with and option for a 4th year. Encarnacion is coming off arguably the best year of his career, and will be a big boost to Cleveland's lineup in 2017. After loosing Mike Napoli to free agency, the Indians needed a bad to fill the 30 home run void left by Napoli and Encarnacion is the perfect guy to do that. Edwin hit 42 homers last year and batted in 127 runs for the Toronto Blue Jays and was overall just an amazing hitter.

For a 33 year old player who's primarily a DH, $60 million over 3 years is a lot but Encarnacion is easily one of the best hitters in the game, and a veteran of the game who's quite consistent. I feel Edwin will fit nicely in Cleveland. He was the piece Cleveland needed to bring their team to the next level I feel and he is a veteran hitter on a young team. If Encarnacion can hit the way he did in 2016 and the Indians can play the same way they did last year, those $60 million could be worth every penny.

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