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30 Teams and What They Need to Do

To celebrate the holidays I wanted to take all 30 teams and say one thing they need to do this offseason. Every example of something a team should do is my own opinion and I do not double dip on a deal so every move I suggest is unique to that team. Enjoy;

AL East:

Red Sox- Sign someone to fill the void of David Ortiz (ex. Sign Jose Bautista)

Blue Jays- Get outfielders who can aid the Blue Jays power filled lineup (ex. Re-Sign Michael Saunders)

Orioles- Add pitching depth (ex. Sign Jason Hammel)

Yankees- Add rotational depth (ex. Trade for Jose Quintana)

Rays- Continue to rebuild and trade rotation pieces (ex. Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi)

AL Central:

Indians- Add one more reliever to solidify the Indians bullpen as one of the best in baseball (ex. Trade for Brad Brach)

Royals- Try and extend or trade all the people in their walk year (ex. Lorenzo Cain or Eric Hosmer)

Tigers- Add a bullpen arm (ex. Trade of David Robertson or Nate Jones)

White Sox- Trade guys and rebuild (ex. Jose Quintana, Todd Friazer etc.)

Twins- Trade big pieces before their value goes down (Ex. Brian Dozier)

AL West:

Rangers- Add outfield depth (Ex. Trade for Jay Bruce)

Astros- Add an ok bullpen arm just to help eat innings (ex. Trade for David Robertson)

Mariners- Take time to let their guys develop ; don't trade young pieces away

Angles- Try to get guys to build around Mike Trout, or trade him (ex. Trade for Todd Frazier)

Athletics- Wait it out and go into full rebuild mode

NL East:

Nationals- Make a team around Harper, Scherzer, and Strausburg before you have to trade them (ex. Trade for Devin Mesoraco)

Mets- Trade guys who are very valuable (ex. Trade Jay Bruce or Curtis Granderson)

Marlins- Let their young players develop and wait for the Mets and Nationals to loose their big pieces

Braves- Keep on rebuilding

Phillies- Trade guys and rebuild (ex. Trade Jeremy Hellickson)

NL Central:

Cubs- Find something for Jayson Heyward to do besides waste money

Cardinals- Try to get younger (they've taken steps with guys like Stephen Piscotty, and Aledmys Diaz but take it to the next level)

Pirates- Trade guys and pile up prospects till they can compete with teams like that Cubs and

Cardinals (ex. Trade Andrew McCutchen (if you haven't read my article on Andrew McCutchen trade ideas that wouldn't be a bad idea))

Brewers- Let the young guys develop and try to build around them

Reds- Trade the guys who have value (ex. Trade Devin Mesoraco)

NL West:

Dodgers- Find a way to cut spending

Giants- Find a way to stay competitive with the Dodgers (ex. Trade for Yangervis Solarte)

Diamondbacks- Let their younger guys develop and try to build a team around Paul Goldshmidt and Zack Grenkie

Rockies- Get pitching aid (ex. Trade for Gio Gonzalez)

Padres- Let Will Myers grow into the player everyone thought he would become in 2013 and then build around him

Hope you enjoyed, have a happy holidays, and remember, 49 days till pitchers and Catchers report (as of 12/25)

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