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Brandon The Brave

On Sunday February 12th the Cincinnati Reds traded second baseman Brandon Phillips to the Atlanta Braves for minor league pitchers Andrew McKirahan, and Carlos Portuondo. Phillips, in his last year under contract is owed around $11 million in 2017, the Reds paying most of that. The Braves are exiting a rebuilding phase and reached out to the Reds for Phillips to fill the hole at second for Atlanta. That hole was created when UTL Sean Rodriquez was injured in a car accident on January 28th. Rodriquez is ok, but he will require heavy surgery on one of his shoulders, benching him for 2-3 months. Phillips had an alright season last year, hitting .291 with 11 home runs and 64 RBI's. He'll definitely help the Braves next year, being a strong veteran presence and solid hitter. The Braves had a very good pick up and for a decent price too. It's a very good move on both teams, but especially for the Braves. Hopefully Phillips can aid the Braves in getting where they want to be, and have another successful year. 

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