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Aaron Judge's Impact

As with every year rookies play a big role for every team, but no rookie has made more of an impact this season than Yankee’s slugger Aaron Judge. Today I felt like we should talk about the young slugger and take a deeper look at his impact.

All rise for the honorable Judge Judge, a man known for his powerful rulings with the bat, and astounding jurisdictions in the outfield. Judge puns aside, Aaron Judge has been nothing but astounding this season. After a tremendous struggle last season where Judge only hit .179 with 4 homers, Judge took time in the offseason and reinvented his swing, and his efforts paid off. Judge changed his stance to allow him to have a better path to the ball which lead to better contact, and less strikeouts, and it showed in the beginning of the 2017 season. In April alone Judge clubbed 10 homers and drove in 20. So far Judge has added to that total by hitting an extra 7 homers, one of which was his first career grand slam, bringing his total to 17 so far. By the way that number is a major league lead. Judge’s success has even caused the Yankees to make an addition to Yankee stadium, changing a section of seats in right field to the Judge’s quarters in honor of their rookie phenom. Hitting isn’t the only thing Judge can do, he’s also pretty good in the outfield. Judge has made his fair share of highlight reel plays which include diving in the stands in Boston, and robbing Evan Longoria of extra bases in Tampa. Judge also has a cannon of an arm, shown by the 3 outfield assists he’s already managed to get. Judge-mania has even reached outside the stadium as shown by Judge’s appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where he went into Bryant Park to surprise fans. Overall Judge has shown what he can do, and if he can continue to play like he has been, not only is a rookie of the year award in his future, but possibly an MVP award as well.

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