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My AL All-Star Picks

With All Star Voting already underway, I decided to share my picks and why I chose these people to represent the league I root for, the American League, to go to the All Star game in Miami this summer.

C: Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals

Salvy has been through everything with the Royals. The insane 2014 Wild Card game, both of the Royals pennant wins in 2014 and 2015, and the Royal’s rebuilding phase. Along with staying with the team for a long while, Salvy is also a work horse. Salvy catches over 900 innings annually, not including the postseason. This year has been no different for Salvy who is hitting a solid .263 with 11 homers. Salvy has been amazing on both sides of the ball this year, earning him my All Star vote

1B: Yonder Alonso - Oakland Athletics

Alonso has been one of the most underrated hitters this year. Playing in Oakland for a team under .500 Alonso doesn’t get much publicity, but his hitting stats show he might deserve some. Alonso has hit 14 homers so far, and has a solid batting average of .290. Alonso also holds one of the highest batting average with runners in scoring position in all of baseball. Alonso has always been a low profile type of player, but is it time for him to take the spotlight?

2B: Starlin Castro - New York Yankees

Despite missing out on being on the Cub’s World Championship Team Castro has made the most of his time in the Bronx. This season in particular has been a good one for Castro who is towards the top on the league leaders in hits, and batting average in the AL. Castro has been a solid, reliable second baseman so far this year so I believe he deserves a spot in Miami.

3B: Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins

When he made his debut Sano was an outfielder, but after some struggles defensively he switched over to third base and that changed worked. Sano has not only fixed his defensive problems his offensive capability has been shown to it’s fullest. So far this year Sano is hitting a solid .292 with a respectable 12 home runs and 39 RBI’s. Sano has been one of the best players this year so he almost certainly deserves to go to Miami.

SS: Jean Segura - Seattle Mariners

After having a great year in Arizona last year, Segura picked up where he left up in Seattle where he is hitting .345 with 20 RBI’s. These numbers might not pop out at you but the importance of a player that can make consistent contact is growing more and more by the season, and this is why Segura gets my vote. Francisco Lindor is a close second but I believe Segura is the better choice.

OF 1: Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Although an explanation isn’t necessary, Mike Trout is playing like you’d expect Mike Trout to, batting an astounding .337 with 16 homers and 36 RBI’s. Although Trout will miss the next 6-8 weeks due to injury, voting for Trout is still allowed, and no one in my mind is more deserving of a vote than Trout.

OF 2: Aaron Judge - New York Yankees

If anyone was more deserving than Trout it would be this man, Aaron Judge. The rookie phenom has clobbered an MLB leading 17 home runs, along with having a .323 batting average. Judge has been one of the biggest stars of the season and his hitting is enough to deserve an All Star Vote in my mind, but his fielding isn’t bad too with Judge having 3 outfield assists along with some spectacular plays. Judge should definitely be going to Miami and he could possibly be in the home run derby as well.

OF 3: George Springer - Houston Astros

This year has been amazing for the Houston Astros, and the spearhead of it hall has been George Springer. The newly made leadoff hitter has been phenomenal this year by hitting .281 with 16 bombs and 38 RBI’s. Although those numbers don’t jump off the page I still believe Springer’s clutch hitting and ability to do damage on almost a nightly basis makes him All-Star game worthy.

Although there are many deserving players, I believe this is the cream of the crop in the American League this season. I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on their All-Star game picks.

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