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Giancarlo Stanton - How He Does It

Giancarlo Stanton is one of if not the premier home run hitter in baseball today. Stanton has hit over 50 home runs and with over 20 games remaining Stanton has a chance at history. Now someone doesn’t accidentally hit the most home runs in a single season since 2011, and Stanton’s success has a lot behind it. The most drastic change Stanton made right after the All Star Break was changing up his batting stance. Before this change Stanton has a very big swing where he twisted his body and put his entire body’s force into his swing. This type of swing led to many long home runs, but it also led to many strikeouts so Stanton went back to the drawing board. This led to Stanton’s swing 2.0, a closed stance where he lets his hands do all the work. Stanton is a very strong man, as shown my his majestic home runs, so changing his swing has allowed him to get to the ball easier, and make better contact. Stanton is such a powerful hitter he doesn’t need to put everything he has into his swing, and now Stanton has realized that and changed his swing to allow him to his the ball more reliably, but to still hit the majestic home runs he’s know for.

Although short lived for now, Stanton's renascence has been a game changer for the Marlins. With new ownership the team has an option to make a playoff run, or start rebuilding. Although it's too soon to know what Marlin's ownership will do, but with Stanton's recent success it could be a prime time to think about trading him, along with other teammates like Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna.

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