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Teams Needs - Winter Meeting Addition

The winter meetings are about to start and there are many teams that have a lot of work to do. Here's what I believe each team must do to set themselves up for success after the winter meetings:

Red Sox - The Red Sox had a very strong regular season in 2017 where they won their division. The pos season however was a much different story for the Sox, as they lost the ALDS against the Astros 3 games - 1 game. Although the Red Sox have a very good team their main issues was their difficulty in hitting home run, making me believe the perfect fix for the Red Sox is J.D. Martinez. A solid righty power bat would fit in nicely in Boston and might be the edge the Red Sox need to move on.

Yankees - After getting Stanton the Yankees look pretty good for the up coming season, but they still a few holes to fill. After CC Sabathia was lost to free agency the club was an open spot in the rotation, along with a hole at second base. I believe the Yankees should resign Sabathia or go after a smaller market pitcher like Lance Lynn, and look into getting Neil Walker.

Rays - The Rays had a promising season last year but their window of opportunity is quickly closing. Because of this I believe the Rays should shop around starting pitchers like Jake Odorizzi and Chris Archer, along with Logan Morrison who had a strong 2017.

Orioles - The Orioles started off strong last season but fell off a cliff come May. The Orioles may have one more year of being competitive left in them before Manny Machado moves away from Baltimore leaving the Orioles in a very bad spot. I think the Orioles need to get ready to rebuild for years to come. They could try and make a run this year but it doesn't look good for the O's.

Blue Jays - The Blue Jays are about to start a massive rebuilding and it's going to be tough for the Blue jays to make a run at the playoffs in the next few years.

Indians - The Indians have been at the top of the AL Central 2 years running and they show no signs of slowing down. If the Indians can either resign or replace Carlos Santana and Bryan Shaw the Indians should be geared up for another deep playoff run.

Twins - The Twins went from being a 100 loss team to a postseason team in one year's time. If they can have similar years from Ervin Santana, Miguel Sano, and Jose Berrios they should have be making a playoff push in 2018. They just need some more pitching help so Santana doesn't have to carry the staff himself.

Royals - The Royals are in a very bad spot. Most of their core are free agents right now and the Royals don't have the means to resign these players. Unless the Royals can make some magic happen they're gonna be in the basement for the next few years.

White Sox - The White Sox are starting to build up their team again and will look to have solid development in their prospects. This year the Sox don't have many expectation but they're looking to come back strong in a few years.

Tigers - Last year was rough for the tigers. They traded away two of their best players in Justin Verlander and J.D. Martinez, and saw significant regression from Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera. Although these guys could still have a solid year next year the Tigers are looking to be pretty bad again. The best they can hope for is to trade their veterans before they lose all value.

Astros - How do you fix a team that won the World Series? Well although the Astros seem pretty good as of now they could still use some help at DH, and maybe they can add a bullpen arm to seal the deal. Otherwise the Astros are looking pretty good.

Angels - After getting Shohei Ohtani, the prized free agent of the off season, the Angels will look to erase their shot comings from last year. Barely missing a wild card spot, the Angels don't have a ton of work to do, especially after resigning Justin Upton, but the rotation could use one more pitcher like Jamie Garcia. The Angels could also use some help in the bullpen to solidify their status as a contender.

Mariners - The Mariners always seem to be relevant in the postseason picture but never quite seem to get over the hump into the actual playoffs. Both their lineup and pitching staff are good, but after the regression of King Felix the past few years I believe the Mariners should try and land a big name starter like Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish to anchor the rotation and push Seattle into the postseason.

Rangers - The Rangers are in a similar spot that the Yankees were a few years ago. they're not going to win in the next year or two but their prospects are close enough to the majors where they'll be relevant again soon.

Athletics - The A's are in the middle of a rebuilding but are making their way into relevancy again. Give it a few more years and they'll be ready to go but for now maybe try and shop Kris Davis. A team like the Red Sox might have a good deal in mind for him.

Nationals - the Nationals are good but can't make it past the NLDS. Bryce Harper is going to be gone very soon and without him your championship hopes are dead for at least the next few years after he leaves. The Nationals have to win now or wait several years.

Marlins - The Marlins will probably be atop the division when the Nationals begin to struggle after Harper leaves. Try and build for 2 or 3 years down the road.

Mets - The Mets had a rough season last year but they have enough pieces of their 2015 team where they could make a run at the playoffs. It's not going to be easy beating out the Nationals but if the Mets build for 1 or 2 year down the road they'll have a shot at winning the division.

Braves - With the punishment handed out by MLB to the Braves for International Market schemes the Braves are going to be hurt a lot in the next few years. They'll have a very small window for success before their punishment hurts them a lot, but the rest of the NL East looks strong so it'll be tough for the Braves in the next 4-5 years.

Phillies - Although the Phillies have it rough now they're building for a bright future. Out of all the teams in the division the Phillies have done the best job building for the long term. Although it'll be a few more years before their talent shows, the Phillies are looking to be at the top of the NL East in the future.

Cubs - The Cubs have a very strong team and the best part is their players are young and under club control for several years. The bad part is a solid amount of regression from 2016 is evident and if the Cubs don't get back on track it could be the end of the line for the current Cub's team. They have a lot of holes to fill, especially in the pitching staff. Resigning either Arrieta or Wade Davis will be key to the Cub's success.

Cardinals - The cardinals had an alright season despite not looking so well early on. They have a lot of what if's on their team and if everything goes right they'll be a contender, but if everything goes wrong they'll be in the basement.

Brewers - The Brewers had a very good year last year and a majority of that team is staying in Milwaukee for next season. If the Brewers can get one more position player, and another pitcher they could have a solid chance at the division next year. Jake Arrieta would be a great fit for the Brewers along with Neil Walker.

Pirates - The Pirates have a lot of talent on their team but I think it might be time to start building for the future before it's too late. the division has 2 teams that are looking to make a run at the division and it would be tough for the Pirates to beat either of them. Trading most guys and waiting for guys like Jamison Tallion and Tyler Glasnow to develop is the best move for the Pirates right now. Shop the outfielders and build for several years down the line.

Reds - The Reds have one of the better talents in the game with Joey Votto, and have a lot of promise with guys like Luis Castillo and Scooter Gennett. It'll be a few years but if the Reds can stay on track they'll see success soon enough.

Dodgers - It's been several years of Dodgers dominance in the NL West and that doesn't look to be stopping soon. The Dodgers have a pretty good team that doesn't need many massive changes. They just have to watch out because the D-Backs are coming.

Diamondbacks - The Diamondbacks were a real surprise last year as they went from mediocre team to a serious NL West competitor. Their lineup was great and the rotation was surprisingly dominant. The only room for improvement is in the bullpen and the Diamondbacks have a lot of options. they can go big with Wade Davis, or shoot lower with Brandon Morrow or Greg Holland.

Rockies - The Rockies made the postseason last year but barely. The NL Wild Card came down to the wire and the Rockies just barely made it. If they could have a repeat season from Charlie Blackmon and another strong year from Nolan Arenado they Rockies could remain in the playoff picture. They need to play hard however because if they don't many other teams are ready to take their place.

Giants - The Giants had a slow start to 2017 and it just kept going down hill from there. They have a lot of talent in Bumgardner and Posey, but they need production out of them in order to be competitive. Last year was worst case scenario for the Giants but they can't have a repeat of last year if they want to stay competitive.

Padres - This is MLB's perennial tank. They have some talent on the team but rebuilding is definitely the way to go for the Padres, but they have promise for several years down the line.

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