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Free Agent Predictions

Even though it’s only a little more than a month till pitchers and catchers report, most of the big free agents from this offseason are still unsigned. Because of this I’m going to list all the big free agents that are still unsigned and tell you where I believe they will land and why. So let’s take a look at whos still out on the market:

Eric Hosmer - Boston Red Sox: Eric Hosmer is one of the best first baseman in the game right now. He’s a great hitter who can hit the ball to all fields, and is one of the top defenders in the game at his position. The Red Sox are without a first baseman right now as Mitch Moreland is also a free agent, and with the Yankees offseasons upgrades it would make perfect sense for the Red Sox to make a splash signing of Hosmer. The Red Sox have already been in talks with Hosmer’s agent as well so don’t be surprised to see the former world champ in a Red Sox uniform come April.

Jake Arrieta - Houston Astros: The defending world champion Houston Astros were a phenomenal team last year, but if they wish to repeat in 2018 they have a lot of work to do. With one of the best line ups last year, and a lockdown bullpen the Astros don’t have a ton they can improve upon. However, one aspect they can upgrade on is their rotation. Now Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel were amazing last year, especially in the postseason, but you can’t make up a rotation with just 2 pitchers. Charlie Morton and Brad Peacock were also solid for the Astros but if they wish to have the same success in 2018 they had in 2017 they will need another pitcher to solidify that rotation. That’s why Jake Arrieta is the perfect fit for the Astros. Even though Arrieta won a Cy Young just a few years ago in 2015, Arrieta has become a solid starter, but not an ace, especially with Justin Verlander in town. Arrieta would require a decent investment to land but the Astros definitely have the means to land the former Cy Young award winner, and to make their rotation one of the most feared in all of baseball.

J. D. Martinez - San Francisco Giants: J. D. Martinez had a career year last season hitting a total of 45 home runs between the Detroit Tigers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was a major part of the Diamondbacks playoff push and will look to sign a big deal, and the team I believe he’ll do that with is the Giants. The Giants have already made several moves to better their team from their dismal 2017 season where they lost 98 games. With the addition of Evan Longoria already, and the possibility of other players joining the Giants as the offseason progresses it wouldn’t be very unlikely to see Martinez make the decision to play in the bay area.

Yu Darvish - Los Angeles Dodgers: Although Darvish’s most recent performance with the Dodgers, game 7 of the World Series, didn’t go the way the Dodgers wanted it to, Darvish was still amazing for the Dodgers and was a major part of the reason the Dodgers even made it to the fall classic. The Dodgers have had one of best rotations in the game the past few years. If the Dodgers were to let Darvish walk they would not only lose out on an amazing pitcher, but they’d also open the door for the Giants to make a resurgence and for them to break the Dodgers their 5 year streak of NL West titles.

With the offseason slowly winding down it'll be interesting to see these big free agents find a team to sign with, but one thing is certain, these talented players wont be sitting at home come April.

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